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The mecca of all-purpose rubs, this spice blend turns your cow into WOW! Perfected over 12 years on the competition trail, this rub made Rod a national barbecue champion and the best brisket cook in the country. Excellent on just about everything, but it really is The Most Powerful Stuff…so use caution. You never thought about injecting chicken before. Now is the time to take your poultry to the next level.

Tests have proven that Bird Booster will increase your moisture 20% or better. Bird Booster is made with a natural chicken flavor along with all the goodness that makes it a Butcher BBQ product. This will compliment any way of cooking, along with individual flavors including Herb, Honey, Chipotle, and our Original all is gluten free.
Injecting chicken is easy, just remember while injecting to move your needle around to keep from putting all the product in one spot.
Are you ready to start increasing your competition scores or maybe your just ready to make some great tasting  BBQ for friends and can accomplish both with this award winning pork injection!! The concentrated sweet smoke Q Juice will enhance the natural flavor in any pork product, from chops to  butts, leaving you with a mouthwatering juicy piece of meat!

Top Sellers

Head Country Championship Seasoning, 6oz
Our Price: $5.49
Head Country Hot BBQ Sauce, Gallon
Our Price: $18.99
Butcher BBQ Honey BBQ Rub, 12oz
Our Price: $7.29
Blues Hog Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce, Quart
Our Price: $6.49
Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub, 7lb Bottle
Our Price: $47.99

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Slap Yo Daddy Original BBQ Rub, 16oz
Our Price: $10.99
Smoke on Wheels Pork Marinade and Injection, 1/2 Gallon
Our Price: $20.99
The Briner Classic Brine Mix, 16oz
Our Price: $5.99
Oakridge BBQ Secret Weapon™ Pork & Chicken Rub, 6oz
Our Price: $5.49
Oakridge BBQ Game Bird & Chicken Rub, 1lb
Our Price: $11.95