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Sweet Heat is an all-purpose rub that has a distinctive sweet taste that finishes with a nice touch of spicy heat. Sweat Heat has alreeady been proven in the competition environment. Several teams have been using Sweet Heat and winning awards. Sweet Heat contains no MSG All Natural Competition BBQ Sauce
SO GOOD, IT'LL MAKE YOU SQUEAL! SHE'S SWEET WITH HEAT, PODS! When in doubt, JUST GET NAKED! Use it for ribs, steak, brisket, pork, foie gras, chicken, 9 irons, eggs, scrapple, your mother-in-law, use it to water flowers. WHOMP!

At Meat Mitch we don't judge, we get judged, and experts love this All-Natural Q sauce made for Championship BBQ competitions. This unique sauce is stripped down to natural, raw ingredients. NO HI-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, NO FISH in this dish, & don't expect some late night Glute-y Call. It's also GLUTEN FREE. This sauce is so Naked it might go streaking thru the Quad...WHOMP!
Our BBQ pickles are sweet with a little heat and has our own unique combination like nothing you have ever tasted before. They are not your mama's recipe and are very addictive!

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