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Elk Creek Bar-B-Q
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Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Beef Shake, 12oz Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Black Label AP Rub, 12oz Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Brown Chicken Brown Cow, 8oz
This Beef Shake is the perfect bbq seasoning for all things beef or wild game. Excellent on any steak, tri-tip, chuck roast, beef ribs, or brisket. This seasoning has won many steak awards in the backyard and SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) and top brisket awards! Once again Elk Creek has developed a rub that will take anything you put it on to the next level.  Unlike most all-purpose rubs, this blend amplifies the natural flavors that are present and adds the perfect balance of seasoning.  Try it on everything, you'll be glad you did! This seasoning is a well rounded bbq seasoning that can be used when grilling, sauteed, gravy, jambalaya, base on all proteins!

It's an excellent as a base on brisket and will give your chickens that perfectly golden brown skin, also adds a depth of flavor and color to stews, gravies, jambalaya, gumbo, dirty rice and most any other type cooking or grilling. Indoors or out!
Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Cajun Stinger, 12oz

Ok folks , Here
it is… We worked on it long enough and won’t keep you waiting.
What you hold in your hand is the key to improving your next BBQ
session. Developed over the last year along several Competition BBQ
trail circuits, it flat out exceled and improved anything we put it
on, especially chicken and we think you’ll agree. We took the best
of what we like and the judges agreed!  We are certain you will think
it’s the best Cajun rub and seasoning you’ve ever tasted…So use
it already!