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Goal Line BBQ Rub, 3lb
Our Price: $19.99

The Goal Line is a monumental LINE on the gridiron that creates an intensity and purpose for every warrior that has ever put on the pads. That's why I named this Rub - Goal Line.

In Pro BBQ it's that the tiny things make the biggest difference in Winning Grand Championships. Each and Every tiny process along the way leads to a potential Call, or not! This rub was built in partnership with Malcom Reed - Killer Hogs - the BBQ rub. It's versatility makes it a solid foundation for all 4 meats (Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket). If you want some heat - a little Cayenne, some sweet, add a little brown sugar... and in the end, coffee grind some to power and it's the perfect finish dust!

All in all, you are going to want to have this on your TEAM! Think of it as the Best Offensive Line ever put together for the Pro BBQ circuit!