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Obie-Cue BBQ Texas Spice
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Obie-Cue's Big Bull Brisket Rub, 13oz Obie-Cue's Fajita Fabulosa, 10oz Obie-Cue's Garlic Pepper, 15.3oz
This classic Brisket Rub is Built for Beef, blending chile and garlic with a little salt and savory herbs for a robust Texas BBQ flavor! Just follow label directions to cook authentic Texas brisket like a champion. Great on Texas burgers too!!!! NO MSG. 1998 "Best Rub on the planet"
Our most versatile seasoning is both LOW SODIUM (50mg) and SUGAR FREE and combines classic TEX-Mex taste with an awesome meat tenderizer. Savory flavor on any meat, particularly beef and wild game. This seasoning is super in beans, corn, casseroles, omlets and just a shake makes great Tex-Mex popcorn. Small wonder it's such a big winner!
Twice the garlic of regular garlic salt, this elegant seasoning fits so well in so many dishes that you'll use it every day. NO MSG and NO SUGAR.
Obie-Cue's Sweet Rub, 12oz Obie-Cue's Sweet-N-Heat Rub, 12.4oz
Obie-Cue's Sweet Rub, 12oz
Our Price: $7.99

Winner of at least 12 National BBQ titles in four different states, plus countless victories at small cook-offs, it's our No. 1 Best Seller and the preference of competitive BBQ cookers for one simple reason. IT WORKS!!! Just read the label for super easy grilled chicken that's absolutely the best ever. Use this classically flavored, LOW SODIUM (60mg) BBQ spice as a glaze for grilling or a rub for smoking and COOK LIKE A CHAMPION!!! Blend rich brown sugar and classic spices, just enough salt, and a bump of heat for breathtaking BBQ! Make your ribs and chops or succulent chicken into neighborhood legends with this wonderful LOW SODIUM (75 mg) and NO MSG rub. Try it and you’ll know why Sweet n' Heat is a perennial favorite of competitors in cook-offs.