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Smoky Okie's
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Smoky Okie's "The Solution" Poultry Brine, 2lb Smoky Okie's 180 Brisket Injection, 1lb Smoky Okie's JUICE, 1lb
Smoky Okie's JUICE, 1lb
Our Price: $14.99
Are your chicken scores hit and miss lately? Are you looking for something that will put you in the top spots on a regular basis? This is "The Solution" for your chicken woes. Just a quick two hour soak and you will have flavor from the skin to the bone. Try some now and have your name called last! Smoky Okie's 180 Brisket injection is the new kid on the block, nobody else has anything like it.  Not only does it have actual water soluble seared beef in it, but a flavor package that is off the hook.

Get some now and see how it  kicks up your brisket texture and flavor and helps it hold moisture!
Is your meat tasting great but not oozing juice? Smoky Okie's JUICE can fix it. This is a complex blend of 7 different phosphates that add moisture to your meat by altering the cellular structure thus enabling the individual cells to hold more moisture.  It does all this without imparting any bitter or salty taste, in fact, no taste at all, just JUICE! Give it a try on your next cook and you will see the difference, guaranteed!
Smoky Okie's Pure Pork Power, 1lb

This one has got the whole program. It is a combination of soluble pork bark flavor along with a soluble sweet pork rub to make the inside of your pork taste every bit as flavorful as the bark itself. There are also additives to make your pork hold on to juice and reduce cooking moisture loss Just 1/2 cup in one pint of water or other liquid will do a 10# pork butt. Compare to other products that require twice as much.