Deep South Smokers GC36
Deep South Smokers GC36

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Aluminum Wheels:
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Extra Rack (1):
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Extra Rack (2):
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The Deep South GC smoker is perfect size for the backyard and or the competition cook. These smokers are gravity fed smokers, so you can just fill the charcoal chute and let it run. This smoker is heavily insulated so rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine this smoker will perform the same regardless of the environment. It will hold approximately 25lbs of charcoal and will run at 225° for roughly 20 hours without having to be refilled. With the three standard 35 1/2" x 23 1/2" racks will hold 10+ pork butts per rack!!

Upgrade to round bar racks are $80 per rack. Please add note on check out to add them to your order.

  • 12 Gauge steel sheet exterior skin and interior cook chamber shell.
  • 2”x2” steel square tube frame.
  • 1”x1” steel handle.
  • 2” thick, 8 pound, Roxul insulation in all doors and lining inside exterior walls.
  • 4” of 8 pound, Roxul insulation around both charcoal chute/fireboxes and cook chamber wall as well as exterior walls.
  • 3 racks are standard in cook chamber (Made of 1”x1” square steel tube and ¾”, #9) Flattened Expanded steel) that measure 35 ½” x 23 ½” to assure fit of a full size steam pan and allow proper air flow (6” spacing between racks).
  • 8” wide x 8” tall x 12” deep ash box (1/4” thick steel)(comes with ash pan) (each chamber).
  • Firebox/Charcoal Chute is 8” x 8” steel (Bottom 10”) where actual fire burns is fabricated from ½ thick steel, remainder of charcoal chute is ¼ steel, fire burn on ½” thick grate with engineered openings to allow ash to drop into ash pan and continue cooker to properly feed charcoal.
  • Patented heat distribution system are 3” x 6” steel tube, ¼” thick (Engineered to distribute heat evenly throughout cook chamber).
  • Floors are sloped from 2” on back wall of cook chamber to 1” on front sides to 0” in the center front of cook chamber where grease drain hole (1 ½” steel pipe nipple).
  • Steam pan holder on bottom of cooker, under drain to hold pan for grease drippings.
  • Comes standard with 3.25” exhaust.
  • 1 ½” steel pipe nipple on each ash box door for air draft control device.
  • Comes standard with 4, 5,000 pound D rings for securing during transport.
  • Comes standard with 8” soft rubber, swivel, locking casters on front side and 4.80 x 8” pneumatic trailer wheels and tires on back side for ease of movement. (Back wheels are 5 lug wheels on true trailer axle spindles and hubs).
  • Standard with toggle clamp latch cook chamber door, charcoal chute door and ash box door
  • Comes standard with 3” dial, 6” stem thermometer in cook chamber door
  • Over 100k choices of paint colors, because these are so well insulated we are able to use true automotive paints and all the color choices available. These are cool to the touch and can accept vinyl graphics.
  • We use NO screws or rivets on our cooker, We weld solid each and every seem.
  • We use NO body filler on our cooker.
  • 65” long (tip of the handle to outside of ashbox door) x 40” deep (tip of the outside of each tire) x 58” tall from the ground to the top of the exhaust stack.
We accept 50% down to start the build and then the other 50% plus shipping is required before the completed smoker is shipped. Use coupon code 50PERCENTDOWN to use this option.

Customers paying via PayPal or credit card are subject to a 3% processing fee for each payment. Checks are welcome and please contact us for address.

We want to make this cooker yours and not just another cookie cutter production model and have many options and customization's available for you to choose from. If you would like to discuss options not listed please call (616) 439-0227.

Shipping is Freight On Board (FOB) from Gumming, GA zip code 30040 and will be billed separately.
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