Triple 9 "Rib" Bundle
Triple 9 "Rib" Bundle

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The Ultimate Competition Rib Combo Pack!!! You will be equipped with everything you need to make your ribs award winning!!

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  • Mix 16oz of liquid (apple juice preferred) to 1/3 cup of Triple 9 Pork Injection and 1/2 cup brown sugar for injecting your ribs

  • Inject between the bones of the ribs at least 2 to 3 hours before cooking.

  • Season with a light layer of Triple 9 Executioner.

  • Season with a Medium layer of Triple 9 Justice For All(over the top of The Executioner). Allow both seasonings to melt and become fully moist before putting the meat on the smoker.

  • When it's time to wrap, apply 3 passes of both T9 Apple and T9 Judgement Day with a light sprinkle of Justice For All rub with some butter and brown sugar.

  • When the ribs are done, warm up 3/4 cup T9 Judgement Day and 1/4 cup T9 Apple Glaze to brush on the finished product(Don't overheat! It should be hot but not simmering or boiling).

  • Enjoy the best rack of ribs you've ever cooked!

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