Triple 9 "Pork" Bundle
Triple 9 "Pork" Bundle

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The Ultimate Competition Pork Combo Pack!!! You will be equipped with everything you need to make your pork award winning!!

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Triple 9 BBQ Pork Bundle - How To

  • Mix 1/3 cup T9 Pork Injection & Marinade with 16oz of any fruit juice or water(We prefer apple juice) and add 1/2 cup light brown sugar, enough for 2 Boston Butts.

  • We recommend mixing your pork injection at least 6 hours before injecting or a day or 2 ahead of time.

  • Start injecting into the "Money Muscle" area first in a grid pattern injecting a half-inch apart and then work your way back injecting the rest of the pork butt.

  • Season with a Medium layer of T9 Swine Pork Rub Perfection, then apply a Medium layer of T9 Justice For All "All Purpose Rub"(over the top of T9 Swine Pork Rub Perfection). Allow both seasonings to melt and become fully moist before putting the meat on the smoker. This step can also be done after injecting and using a paper towel to remove any excess injection from the top of the pork butt before applying the rubs or at least 1 hour before smoking to let the rubs "sweat-in".

  • When it's time to wrap, you can either use a half pan(and cover) your pork butt or a double sheet of aluminum foil forming a "boat" around your pork butt to add your favorite wrapping ingredients. We like to wrap using a process starting with several good shakes of our T9 Swine Pork Rub Perfection rub followed by a layer of light brown sugar(roughly 1/3 cup), then 3 passes of our T9 Apple Cherry Habanero Glaze, 3 passes of our Judgement Day Sauce followed by a 1/2 stick of your favorite brand of butter(we prefer Kerrygold Salted) cut into smaller slices and lastly a 1/2 cup of apple juice. Then foil tight around the pork butt not allowing any liquid to escape.

  • When the pork butt is done, be sure to vent open for 3 to 5 minutes before placing in either a cooler or holding warming box. Let it rest for a minimum of 1 hour up to 3 or 4 hours total hold time before slicing the "money muscle" or pulling the entire pork butt.

  • Once pulled or sliced we like to sauce our pork, with a mix of warming up 3/4 cup T9 Judgement Day and 1/4 cup T9 Apple Cherry Habanero Glaze.

  • Now it's time to enjoy the best pork you've ever cooked!

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